Our Houston Plumbers Are Your Emergency Plumbing Experts

Our Houston Plumbers do kitchen and bath repairsIndoor plumbing is one of the things that define us as an advanced society. We've become so accustomed to it being part of our daily life that we don't even notice how much we use it. What happens when it stops working? Then you realize just how important it is.

Not being able to take a hot shower or flush the toilet can quickly lead to very unsanitary conditions around the home. That's where we come in. We're your preferred plumbers in Houston. We've seen everything that can possibly go wrong with a plumbing system and have the means to fix it on the spot.

There is rarely a time when our service techs can't handle your issue on a single call. Our vans are stocked with over 2000 replacement parts and hundreds of industry specific tools for doing everything from water heater sacrificial anode replacement to shut off valve replacement. If you have an issue with your gas line, we can fix that too. We are certified to install, replace and repair natural and propane gas lines as well as being certified in backflow devices. Safety is always our number one concern when working on your system.

Fastest Response Times in the Area

our techs are always equipped with the latest equipment Our Houston plumbers know the streets like the back of their hands and have the quickest response times in the area. When you have a plumbing emergency, minutes count. Call us and get a service tech to save you from hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in collateral damages. Our Houston plumbing contractors don't waste time with idle chat when they arrive. We go straight to the problem and get it under control first, there's plenty of time to do a full diagnosis after the emergency has passed.

Once your system is patched up and the immediate danger has been averted, our techs will then look for the underlying cause of the issue. Sometimes it will be as simple as someone having flushed something they shouldn't have down the toilet, other times is can be a combination of hard water calcium build ups on the interior of your pipes coupled with the need for a water hammer prevention device. Whatever the issue is, we've got the tools and the talent to get it under control and fix it so you won't have the problem again.

We Are Water Heater Repair Experts

Our Houston Water Heater Repair techs are available 24/7Our Houston plumbers spend at least part of every day working on water heater repairs. They are the most common serious plumbing problem in the entire area. Most of the time the fix is as simple as doing a sediment flush or replacing a faulty thermostat, but sometimes a water heater problem is a symptom of a much larger, system wide, problem. Hard water is often a major problem in hot water heaters. This can result in a fast scale build-up on the interior of the tank. This can lead to a rotten egg smell in the water, less hot water being produced, a bubbling or gurgling sound inside the tank and a potentially deadly pressure build up in the exit lines of the tank. Our Houston water heater repair team has handled several of these problems, always with a stellar outcome!